There are many electricians in Adelaide to choose from when you are looking for a qualified tradesperson for repairs, replacements and upgrades. From the large companies, to franchises and sole traders, there are many great qualities about each one. However, hiring a local, Adelaide electrician for your electrical and data services is a safe bet for quality workmanship you can trust. Here’s a reasons few to keep in mind the next time you are looking for a sparky in South Australia.


  1.     Your local electrician knows the Adelaide area and surrounding suburbs

By hiring a local electrician in Adelaide, you are hiring someone who knows the climate and culture of the city as well as the suburbs in South Australia. That means they are less likely to get lost on the way to your place, they understand the neighbourhood and they are familiar with the types of commercial and residential properties in your area. An electrician or contracter from a larger corporations may not have the same knowledge and understanding of the local community. Based in Adelaide’s north east, the qualified and experienced team from Golden Grove Electrical and Data Services understand the suburbs of South Australia, and can provide quality electrical services to the wider metropolitan area.

  1.     Qualified, insured and experienced Adelaide electricians are a safe bet

It’s important to hire someone who is a good fit for the job you need done, but it is also important to feel safe with an electrician in your home. Most small electrical companies in Adelaide are owned and operated by qualified, licenced insured professionals in their own state and they are from your own neighbourhood. Steve from Golden Grove Electrical and Data Services understands the importance of safety and professionalism in his industry, and he understands the need to feel safe in your home. That is he screens and hires the best and brightest team with specialised skills in electrical, data and home automation systems. Steve has full public liability insurance and ensures his team are tidy, respectful and communicative.


  1.     Engaging a local electrician supports the local Adelaide community

When you hire an Adelaide electrician, you are supporting the local economy and South Australian small business. Steve Hall and the team at Golden Grove Electrical and Data Services understand the local culture and they love to give back to the community. Steve and the team listen to their customers, care about the local landscape and they are proud to be involved in supporting causes that matter. Recently, Golden Grove Electrical and Data Services sponsored a Breast Cancer Breakfast where attendees received 10% off electrical and data services with 5% of the sales donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every job booked.

  1.     A local electrician understands environmental impacts in South Australia and adapts accordingly

As the world changes and begs for a difference in how people use electricity, it’s essential to seek a service provider who is willing to help make South Australia a leading supporter in saving the earth. Golden Grove Electrical and Data Services are proud to offer LED lighting options to all their customers in order to help with their environmental footprint. It’s a cheaper option for the consumer and uses less energy; helping the people of Adelaide light up their life without breaking the bank or the planet. Steve and the team will help you to find ways to keep your electricity costs down and save the environment as well. 


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